Lysa TerKeurst put words to something that has been weighing heavily on me lately. "Oh, friend… if we’d only walk a couple miles in someone else’s journey, I can almost guarantee a couple of things. We’d be less harsh, less apt to think we’d do better, less tempted to think we know stuff we don’t... Continue Reading →

Everyone Shits

Tonight my 2 ½ year old son walked past me and I smelled. The. Smell.   The smell of real, human shit.   You know how when they are cute, little babies their poop doesn’t smell like real poop?  Brand new baby (breastfed) poop smells oddly like buttered popcorn, and as they grow throughout their... Continue Reading →

Forgetting Yesterday

So. Yesterday morning I went back to the house to resume my work on the floors, and found that I just wasn’t happy with how it was looking at that point. I’d spent a day with a drum sander and 24 grit paper, a second day with the drum sander and 40 grit, only to... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Blocks

A follow up to “Restoring a Broken Home” “It's hard to fix a foundation when you’ve built so much on it.” Six years ago I posted on my previous blog a story about my marriage.  It was a story full of hope and promise. It, like my marriage, wasn't simply imagined or pretend, as sometimes... Continue Reading →

One Mile, 26 Times

Life has been pretty overwhelming lately. So many huge things happening, so much to accomplish and juggle, so much responsibility and so little time and energy to divide, but this morning I woke up to the brilliant sun and some clarity. I am a homeschool mom of seven who is currently building my dream house... Continue Reading →

An Empty Cup

Tonight my two year old grabbed his cuppy that we keep in the window sill above our bed to take a drink, and finding it empty he started to cry. My 10 year old daughter took it and said “I’ll fill it up for you.” Promptly exiting the room, headed for the kitchen. Super sweet.... Continue Reading →

When trying looks like…crying

Tonight is rough.  Really rough. On so many levels.   At the moment I can’t imagine going forward, and and I don’t even want to think about the options that lie ahead.  Nothing is hopeful, everything seems like such a settlement. And here I am lying in bed just crying my little eyes out, for so... Continue Reading →

The Man at the Bar

{You know there’s a problem when...} Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the church.  And I mean A LOT. Going through a divorce, falling and making mistakes, realizing (again) what a hopeless mess you are without Christ...those things, like nothing else, will give anyone a hefty dose of reality. You think you... Continue Reading →

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