The Man at the Bar

{You know there’s a problem when...} Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the church.  And I mean A LOT. Going through a divorce, falling and making mistakes, realizing (again) what a hopeless mess you are without Christ...those things, like nothing else, will give anyone a hefty dose of reality. You think you... Continue Reading →

How Could I…

I can’t tell you how often I ask myself some version or another of this question. How could I be so blind? So stupid? How could I not see that I was being lied to and deceived? How could I not notice the manipulation? How could my gifts of intuition, my ability to read people... Continue Reading →

Waves Will Come

When I was 14 my family took a trip to Hawaii. It was an amazing experience. The sights...the smells...plumeria flowers everywhere, their scent hung in the air like the salty sea mist. Beauty was everywhere. One of our 14 days was spent on the North Shore, on a beach that is popular for surfing. In... Continue Reading →

A Metaphor for My Marriage

I appreciate metaphors. And I have found that God often provides me metaphors to help me understand and express things that are difficult for me to understand and articulate. Sometimes it is just the right phrase that encapsulates what I’m feeling, other times these metaphors are more like a vision—a movie clip that runs through... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for My Sisters in Suffering

I responded to a comment on Lysa Terkeurst’s FB post this morning. The post was about pornography and the deceptive promises that it offers. Having listened to the podcast linked to her post, I understood this woman’s reaction, as my knee jerk reaction was similar. She commented, “So over this topic. No offense, but those... Continue Reading →

Loving KingKong

The other day I walked into the house after working all day installing flooring to find my kids watching the movie King Kong.  Typically I don’t spend time in front of the TV unless I am folding and ironing clothes, but I was wiped out and stressed from running into problem after problem and getting... Continue Reading →

Not Alone

There is nothing quite so isolating as a marriage infected by pornography addiction and the inevitable emotional abuse that comes along with it. Living in a marriage such as this destroys you in every conceivable way, causing you to slowly unfold and turn yourself inside out in an effort to save your marriage and protect... Continue Reading →

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